Upcoming Coach Forums in the South West

Coach Forum at Virgin Active, Wednesday, 25th January, 9 am to 1 pm – book your place here.

Other dates : –

Wednesday, 1st February at Exeter Tennis Centre.

The Forum is aimed primarily at coaches working in a club environment with an interest in staying up-to-date with current LTA initiatives and getting some fresh on-court ideas for the year ahead. The duration of the Coach Forum is 4 hours and includes on-court and off-court elements.

The off-court session will update coaches on the 2017 Tennis For Kids campaign, progress on the Mini Tennis review, Coach Accreditation developments and further programme information to help grow coaching businesses.

By the end of the on-court session, coaches will be better equipped on how to integrate sound technical coaching into game based group sessions. The workshop will take coaches through key technical competencies for stroke development at U10 in video format, and then showcase a range of on-court exercises that develop those competencies.

The content is most relevant for coaches of young beginner and intermediate players. To book a place, simply log in and select a date near you.